The state Blue Nile is one of the 5 states with the lowest enrolment rate (51%). By conflicts and displacing of demographic groups, the basic infrastructure for education was destroyed and led to an acute shortage of teaching staff.

Based on food uncertainties, diseases and insufficient education people are malnourished and have problems to orovide their children. The Food Security Classification of the Integrated Phase Classification (IPC) describes Blue Nile as a region with most villages with critical malnourishment.

Together with E.L.V.I.S. and the project partner World Vision Deutschland we realise the establishment of a school building, purchase of school material, contructions of a playground, construction of separate sanitary facilities, 13 teachers receive training in child-friendly education and psychosocial care and receive child-friendly teaching materials.


World Vision wordwide

  • International aid organisation, represented in 98 countries
  • Through specific capacity building, World Vision helps children, families and their communities to fight poverty and injustice
  • Overall, the living conditions of 41 million children worldwide were improved in 2016


World Vision in Germany

  • World Vision Deutschland e. V. was founded in 1979.
  • In 2016 World Vision Deutschland has promoted 327 projects in 52 countries.
  • Supported by 171,000 sponsors and donors.
  • Total incomw 104.7 Mio. (2016)
  • 85.4 % of all funds were used for our projects

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