Lean and Green

20% reduction of CO2 emissions

L.I.T. Speditions GmbH’s ambitious environmental goal: 20% reduction of CO2 emissions within 5 years

L.I.T. Speditions GmbH became aware of the initiative “Lean and Green” at a convention hosted by a key client.

“Lean and Green” is an environmental initiative with the goal of sustainably reducing its partners’ CO2 emissions. This ambitious goal is simple and defined in memorable terms: Within 5 years, the participating companies should reduce their CO2 emissions by at least 20%. L.I.T. Speditions Gmbh has now taken on this task in cooperation with L.I.T. Cargo GmbH.

“Lean and Green” originated in the Netherlands and has been present in Germany since 2013. In Germany, the program is run by GS1 Germany. “Lean and Green” is making its start in Germany with 19 trail-blazing partners. L.I.T.’s management board was particularly impressed with “Lean and Green’s” approach, which always combines ecological benefits with business advantages. The only thing that counts are reductions that companies have actually achieved; compensation through financial support of other environmental projects (often called “modern indulgence traffic” or “moderner Ablasshandel” in the German press) isn’t possible.

In July 2015, L.I.T. Speditions GmbH signed the agreement with GS1, making it part of the “Lean and Green” network. In the context of this network, the partners exchange information about the measures taken and the goals achieved in order to join together in the struggle against CO2 emissions.

The measures and goals will be described in an action plan created by L.I.T. Speditions GmbH in order to achieve the ambitious goal of reducing CO2emissions by at least 20% within 5 years. A monitoring system will be put in place in order to supervise the planned measures and calculate the CO2 reductions.

After submitting the action pan to GS1, TÜV Nord will carry out an external audit to evaluate whether the measures described in the plan can achieve the reduction of CO2 emissions. If the action plan passes this test, L.I.T. Speditions GmbH will be recognised with the “Lean & Green Award”. This award honours a high level of commitment and the first steps on the path toward the goal.  From this point on, L.I.T. Speditions GmbH will report at least twice a year to GS1 on the current progress of the action plan.