European Association of International Haulage Companies

On 11/27/06, L.I.T. Speditions GmbH was a founding member of E.L.V.I.S

E.L.V.I.S. plc (Europäischer Ladungs-Verbund Internationaler Spediteure, “European Freight Association for International Transporters”) is a Europe-wide full load cooperation.
Well-respected and efficient mid-sized forwarding and shipping companies make up a European full-load network of freight vehicles under the name ELIVIS AG.

The network includes more than 160 partners in 20 European countries and a fleet of over 16,000 freight vehicles. Alongside the broadly-distributed freight vehicle load capacities, the partners offer other added-value logistics services that can be combined with the load network.

Meanwhile there are five different departements:

  • Full Load Network: 35 partner, 95 locations, 6.000 truck
  • Volume Load Network: 25 partner, 45 locations, 2.500 truck
  • Cool Load Network: 21 partner, 48 locations, 1.200 truck
  • Baustoff Netzwerk: 15 partner, 20 locations, 500 truck
  • Part Load Network: 78 partner, 95 locations, 8.000 truck

You may find further information on the E.L.V.I.S. Website: www.elvis-ag.de