Transports to Great Britain

specialist since 1995

Since 1995 we give proof of our performance in transports to Great Britain. Every year we have around 18,000 shipments off and to Great Britain. Off this shipments are 97% unaccompanied transports, where the trailer is transported without truck and driver.

Clear advantage with the unaccompanied transports are the short runtimes. We are able to make day A to day B deliveries to Great Britain.

Further you can profit on

  • experienced personnel
  • fixed bookings on ferries


Our equipment
  • Megatrailer
    • Payload: up to 26 t
    • Loading volume: 105 m³
    • 34 Euro-pallet capacity
  • UltraLight 
    • Payload: up to 8 t
    • Loading volume: 120 m³
    • 38 Euro-pallet capacity
Our service

Hans Metzlar

Business Development Manager West Europe

Phone: +31 6836 47538


Gavin Moss

National Manager UK

Phone: +44 1206 808998