Mobiler Mitnahmestapler

Loading or unloading of L.I.T. and external trucks

An alternative to a truck with transportable forklift. Our mobile forklifts are used for mobile loading and unloading services throughout Europe.

Our mobile forklift is a combination of a caravan and a trailer with a mobile forklift. with these contruction our drivers are flexible and can be used everywhere.

Especially qualified to be used on building sites, exhibitions or transshipments because several trucks can be unloaded. On site we take over the direct coordination and organization. Furthermore you have a larger truck selection, because you don’t need to order trucks with transportable forklift.

  • Mobile Forklift with a lifting power of 2 tons
  • This solution does not require the use of a truck as the fork lift is pulled by an independent camper-van
  • Forklift is separably and flexible usable
Field of application

Frank Vink


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